Become An Extra: The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Background Actor

By Steve Dez •  Updated: 01/05/23 •  4 min read

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Become An Extra: The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Background Actor

Do you dream of being on the big screen?

Do you want to make a few extra bucks with some exciting and unique experiences?

Becoming an extra, or background actor, is a great way to do just that!

In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about joining the world of film and television as a professional background actor.

Get ready for your closeup – it’s time to become an extra!

 how to be an background actor

Register With A Talent Agency

The first step towards becoming a background actor is signing up with a talent agency. This will enable you to find casting calls that are right for you and submit yourself through their database.

Agencies also provide resources such as headshots and other information needed for auditions, as well as negotiate contracts when you land roles.

It’s important to do your research before selecting an agency so that they best suit your needs.

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Get Your Paperwork In Order

Once registered with an agency, there are several documents that need to be filled out prior to being casted on a project, such as waivers and release forms from production companies outlining payment rates, rules, etc., so make sure all paperwork is taken care of beforehand.

Additionally, if under 18 years old it’s necessary for parents/guardians sign off on any agreements before working on set – this includes getting work permits in certain states where minors cannot work without one approved by local labor boards.

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Prepare For Auditions

When attending auditions its essential to look professional yet still stand out from the rest – try finding something unique about yourself like wearing bright colors or having interesting hairstyles (within reason).

Casting directors want someone who stands out but not too much; they need people who blend into the background while still appearing natural within scenes they’re taking part in.

Be prepared by researching what type of scene it is ahead of time – understanding what type attire and attitude producers are looking for helps get closer towards landing a role!

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Familiarize Yourself With Set Etiquette & Safety Protocols

Being familiar with set etiquette and safety protocols makes sets run smoother and prevents accidents from happening; everyone should know their role between actors/extras crew members (dressers etc.) which helps create harmony during shoots .

One thing extras should remember is not talking directly to stars unless spoken too– although friendly interaction may be welcome at times its better not risk disrupting shooting process – just observe quietly until instructed otherwise!

Read over contract terms carefully so there aren’t any surprises later on down line either – producers don’t appreciate last minute changes once agreed upon previously!

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Build Up Your Resume & Networking Opportunities

Having more experience looks great when applying for future jobs because employers love seeing what kind backgrounds actors have worked on already; building up one’s resume takes time but eventually pays off when pursuing bigger roles further down road .

Also networking opportunities arise which could lead meeting influential people within field leading even higher positions than thought possible !

Making contacts keeps doors open wider throughout profession– never underestimate power connections build overtime especially amongst peers running similar circles alike!

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Stay Open Minded To New Experiences

Most importantly keep mind open experiences might come along way that weren’t expected originally , always remain positive no matter situation presented regardless outcome desired result achieved each individual goes through journey differently based decisions made ultimately lead them success sooner than later !

Always strive reach goals set oneself continue pushing boundaries further beyond limits seemed impossible conquer those barriers become reality soon enough…

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Now you know how to be an background actor , but that’s only the beginning of your acting journey. If you found this post useful there’s more to learn to get you to the next step of your acting career. If you read our next articles you’ll be a step further than most actors.

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