How to Get More Auditions For Actors

By Steve Dez •  Updated: 12/14/22 •  7 min read

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How to Get More Auditions For Actors

This blog is teaching actors and actresses to get auditions for television or streaming shows, series and films.

The purpose of this is to help people in the acting industry increase the number of auditions for acting roles, so they can hopefully book acting jobs with their acting skills. It took me several years to figure out how to get more auditions for actors.

In this blog, you can learn from my experience and gain an advantage in the competition as there are so many actors going for the same auditions.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this blog:

– How to get more auditions for TV, film, web series and streaming series.

You’ve done your very best to get cast in a film or television show but so far you’ve not been picked for any auditions. Now, it’s easy for you to feel down about your acting career and wonder if you’re ever going to get an acting job in Hollywood.

But that’s not the way to think about this, and there are several things you can do to help yourself get more auditions for acting jobs and book acting roles.

How to Get More Auditions For Actors

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How to Get More Auditions For Actors – Get Better Representation

Getting someone to represent you is not the end all be all.

You can have representation that just sees you as a number in their roster and because they don’t have a built relationship with you they’re putting the minimum effort to get you out there. Have a meeting with your current representation and see if your long-term vision is aligned with theirs towards you, if it’s not a fit then it’s time for better and newer representation.

You don’t have to stay with a representation that is not doing work for you.

If 6 weeks have gone by(especially in high season) and you haven’t had a single audition I would suggest you should start looking for new representation or at least consider having a conversation with your current representation to see what can be improved.

How to Get More Auditions For Actors – Develop a relationship with your representation or agent

Roses are red, violets are blue,

Representation is not the same for everyone, 

And neither would be you.

Just like a friendship or a romantic partner you need to water the plants for that relationship to grow. If a potential manager or agent signed up or made a verbal agreement with you to give you a try on their agency then you need to foster and develop a relationship with them.

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Remember, representatives only get paid when you’re booking work since they take a percentage commission off your work and if you’re not working they’re not making money off you. 

Even if you’re with a top agency it doesn’t mean it’s the right fit or match for you. You want representation that not only is going to submit you for jobs to get auditions but will open doors and contribute to your growth as an actor.

Find the best representation that’s right for you, even if that means letting go of some that are not representing you the way you want to be represented. 

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How to Get More Auditions For Actors – Update your casting profiles

Your casting profiles are everything!

That’s where all these different casting directors will meet you for the first time through your headshot, resume, reels and other marketing materials before you get invited to audition.

Your representation needs to have your latest and greatest casting profiles since they get access to more auditions you will never see when you’re self-submitting. You must keep your casting profiles across the board as updated as possible for the benefit of your career.

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How to Get More Auditions For Actors – Do more self-submissions to castings

Auditioning is completely a numbers game.

There are way too many actors that just aren’t applying for enough acting jobs. There are a lot of places outside that list general auditions publicly – whether that is joining Facebook groups,, online casting platforms like Actor’s Access, theatre companies, mailing lists etc.

Don’t be afraid to ask, and accept that you won’t get them all but you will get some. Even still, paid or unpaid – the more auditions you do, the better you get. It is all a big numbers game and everyone’s number that plays long enough gets called.

How to Get More Auditions For Actors – Make your work

Many actors are a bit tired of this one point.

Everyone in the acting industry is encouraging actors and actresses to make their work.

Quick disclaimer; The truth is making your work will not instantly result in more auditions. This route is more of a long game, but there are a plethora of benefits you can reap from making work that will help build momentum for your acting career.

It’s a great way to open the doors of collaboration with other actors in the industry and gives you a chance to show off your work from time to time.

How to Get More Auditions For Actors – Conclusion 

Getting more auditions in the industry may seem like rocket science at first when you’re unfamiliar with how the system works, but we encourage you to try our methods and see if they work for you.

We have multiple online programs to help you with your journey. We recommend that you start with the Dezperate Actor – Cracking the Hollywood Code Online Program to get you working from day 1 as a professional actor. Once you understand how to market yourself as an actor you’ll realize the more opportunities that are in front of you.

The only thing separating you from the actors that audition frequently and where you are standing is knowledge and action. If you want to go further in your auditions as an actor you have to get the right information and implement the strategies that we give out for free in our blog posts, newsletters and resources as well as our premium programs. This will help you get a leg up with the competition.

Before you go…

Knowing how to get more auditions for actors is just one piece of the major pie. If you want to uncover even more ways to break into the acting industry keep reading our articles to get all the information you need for your career. Our next article will give you even more in depth knowledge to break into the acting industry.

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