How to Take Control of your Career as an Actor

By Steve Dez •  Updated: 12/14/22 •  8 min read

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How to Take Control of your Career as an Actor

                 To take control of your career as an actor requires a lot of focus on your part.

This will mean being on top of the things needed to succeed in your acting career. From acting materials, training, time management and marketing materials there’s a whole world of things needed for your success in this industry.

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How to Take Control of your Career as an Actor – Own the path you walk as an actor

Your career success is completely up to you and your efforts within the industry.

This career is not fully about how talented you are, but indeed about how many connections you have and how you move and facilitate your efforts and actions within the industry.

If you have no clue or are just getting started in the acting industry, I highly recommend you take the Dezperate Actor – Cracking the Hollywood Code online program to help you get the starting pieces of this puzzle together for you.

You must believe that YOU are your own best representation. No one in this world is going to work harder for you than YOU! So, take the best efforts towards your success in this industry and start putting yourself out there on casting sites, emailing agents and managers, etc. Be reliable, kind, prepared, patient and your ultimate best version of yourself.

How to Take Control of your Career as an Actor – Jump into acting with full force

When someone considers jumping into the acting industry and becoming an actor I always tell them to jump into the career in full force.

You’re going to get the exact results based on your efforts and if you’re already guided into doing the right things that will give you proven results your ultimate destination is career success.

The main way to get into acting with no experience would be to download my free blueprint instead of having to experiment with different acting classes with no proper aim. I would recommend you read through the Dezperate Actor – Acting Roadmap that is provided for free to everyone who subscribes to my weekly newsletter.

This roadmap will give you a clear path and step-by-step strategy on how to make acting your full-time career.

You can achieve this on your own, but if you want to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes entering a new industry often presents, be advised that there’s plenty of free material as well as premium programs that will help you here to achieve those dreams and goals. 

The more you learn from others’ mistakes you will gain the experience you’re lacking to conquer more acting jobs and expand your time on sets all over the world. This is one of the most appropriate times to start an acting career as the number of acting jobs keeps rising.


How to Take Control of your Career as an Actor – Trust the process, don’t rush the process

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How to Take Control of your Career as an Actor – Keep your Acting Marketing Materials professional

Your Acting Marketing Materials are super important for long-term success in your acting career.

I remember I once did a session with a super professional photographer for models and television series regulars because he was running a limited-time discount that session alone cost me a little under $1000 and helped me land hundreds of auditions, a few dozen bookings and better representation just one photoshoot session alone.

You only get one time to make a first impression and the more professional your materials look from the get-go, the more your career is going to reap the benefits of what you’re currently sewing. Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself, you’re by far the best investment of your life.

How to Take Control of your Career as an Actor – Keep your demo reels nice, tidy and concise

As your career progresses, you’ll have more video footage of your acting skills and the best way to showcase your talent to future representation or acting jobs would be through a demo reel.

That means if you learn a few video editing skills, even if that’s on your phone, you’ll be able to put these clips together and create a demo showcase of your work. 

Just make sure to keep the demo tidy and concise. Not everyone has the time to check your 12-minute short film of yourself! So that means in this Tik Tok short video era we live in to keep your demos 3 minutes and under.

If you can make your demo 1 to 2 minutes even better. Just make sure it showcases your talents and leaves room for people wanting to see more.

The more you learn how to captivate attention in a shorter time, the better your chances are to get proper representation in the future.

How to Take Control of your Career as an Actor – Always ask the questions you want to be answered

The questions you have inside always have an answer if you seek from the right sources. In your career, there’s always an answer for everything is just completely up to you if you want to speak up and get that question answered. 

I would recommend you bookmark this blog post and website as I will continue answering all the questions I can find other actors and aspiring actors are asking all over the internet to answer their biggest concerns.

If you want a complete blueprint in the form of an online program I would recommend The Dezperate Actor – Bundle Edition which will give you all the tips and tricks to get your career started as well as your way to get representation on demand from the industry alongside some very cool bonuses.

It is also possible for you to get coaching every step of the way with The Dezperate Actor – Coaching for Actors Program to help you with your very personal questions and journey. 

All you have to do is follow the blueprint laid out in the PDF I created or in one of the Dezperate Actor flagship programs and implement the knowledge as fast as possible.

These steps will set you apart from the rest of the actors that are just guessing their way into the industry and never forget to speak out loud those questions you want to get answered.

How to Take Control of your Career as an Actor – Last Considerations

Taking control of your career should be a primary goal for you as an actor. The clear your vision is for your career the further you can take that vision and take it from idea to reality.

Some actors believe that their career is in their agent’s hands, meanwhile, the opposite of this is true.

The agent or representation is just there to open those opportunities even further for you, but you’re the one that takes control of your career by booking those jobs.

The agent or representation you have works for you because that person only gets paid a commission when you’re working. You must take full control of your career as an actor just so you can bring more people that are interested in your moves to open even more doors for you.

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Knowing how to take control of your acting career is just one level in this whole career. In order to keep unlocking more levels keep on reading our articles, like our next one that will teach you how to take this knowledge a step further.

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