Is It Hard To Be An Actor With Tattoos? Here’s What You Need To Know.

By Steve Dez •  Updated: 01/05/23 •  5 min read

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Is It Hard To Be An Actor With Tattoos? Here's What You Need To Know.

Do you have tattoos and a passion for acting?

Have you ever wondered if your ink could get in the way of landing parts on stage or screen?

It can be hard to break into the world of entertainment, but having body art doesn’t necessarily mean it’s impossible.

Here’s what you need to know about how tattoos might affect your career as an actor.

 is it hard to be an actor with tattoos

Will It Affect Your Auditioning Process?

When auditioning as an actor with tattoos, there are some extra considerations that may come into play.

Firstly, the type of tattoo will affect how open casting directors are likely to accept them – a small discrete piece on your arm might not be enough of a distraction to stop you getting parts, but large pieces across your body or face could cause them concern about how this would impact the role they’re casting for.

In addition, consider whether any roles require certain ‘looks’ from actors; if tattoos don’t fit within their desired aesthetic then you could find that your chances of being cast diminish slightly.

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How Can You Adapt To Subdue Your Tattoos During An Audition?

It isn’t always easy having visible ink when auditioning as an actor – especially if the role calls for more subtle looks – so there are ways that you can adapt in order to ensure that your auditions go without issue.

If necessary cover up larger pieces by wearing clothing which takes away attention from them (a turtleneck jumper or long-sleeved top should do the job).

Alternatively keep things natural by using makeup; temporary concealers can help hide smaller designs while also providing full coverage over others depending on what’s needed!

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Can Tattoos Help Or Hurt Your Acting Career?

It depends entirely on the type of work that interests you most.

Some genres may prefer actors who have no tattoos at all (especially those playing more serious roles), whereas other styles such as punk rock may actually appreciate seeing body art featured prominently during their scenes!

Ultimately though it comes down to personal preference and whether or not executives like yours look favorably upon them before deciding whether they’re right for a particular character/show/film etc…

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What Are The Benefits Of Having Them Visible On Set?

Having visible tattoos on set has its own unique benefits too – particularly when portraying edgy characters where authenticity becomes key!

Showcasing real life body modifications adds another layer of realism which audiences often appreciate (just think about how many people recognize David Beckham because he has multiple sleeve designs!)

Plus since these types of marks tend stay relatively consistent throughout production shoots then continuity won’t be affected either – meaning less time spent editing afterwards due potential inconsistencies arising between shots taken days apart etc…

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Are There Any Other Considerations For Actors With Tattoos That They Should Be Aware Of When Shooting Scenes?

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Should You Get Rid Of Them Before Going Into Acting Professionally?

Finally, although it ultimately boils down individual preference nobody should feel obligated remove existing artwork prior going into acting professionally unless absolutely necessary given restrictions laid out beforehand via employers i.e..

If a studio tells prospective performers mustn’t have any noticeable markings present during shooting sessions then naturally this needs followed suit else contracts wouldn’t even exist begin with!

However aside from legalities involved here decision regarding retaining current designs solely rests user themselves based off reasoning mentioned above plus whatever else relevant reasons pertain situation overall i.e..

How much emphasis placed upon showcasing specific ‘look’ compared potential downsides experienced due visibility associated with permanent etching onto flesh?!

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