Steps on Becoming an Actor

By Steve Dez •  Updated: 12/20/22 •  7 min read

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Steps on Becoming an Actor

Acting is a competitive field, and it can be hard to get your foot in the door.

But with the right preparation and practice, you can improve your chances of getting an audition and booking the role.

Here are some tips for how to become an actor:

1. Choose the right agent.

2. Research agents and agencies.

3. Write a professional email that shows your passion for acting.

4. Send your headshot and résumé to agents who represent actors similar to you in age, ethnicity, or physique.

5. Be patient — it could take weeks or months for an agent to respond to your submission packet and schedule an audition time for you.

Steps on Becoming an Actor

Steps on Becoming an Actor – Research the Profession

The first step to becoming an actor is to research the profession.

Actors have many different roles in the entertainment industry and not all of them are on stage or screen. Some actors work behind-the-scenes as producers, directors and writers. Others find work in front of the camera as television hosts, newscasters and commercial spokespeople.

The only way you’ll know which role is right for you is by learning about all aspects of this profession.

Steps on Becoming an Actor – Take Acting Classes

Once you’ve decided that acting is for you, it’s time to consider classes or workshops that will help you hone your skills and prepare you for auditions.

Acting classes will teach you how to read scripts and memorize lines; they will also give you insight into costuming, makeup and stage direction. Many actors take their training one step further by studying at prestigious universities like Juilliard and Yale; however, most universities offer basic courses in acting that can help prepare students for their future careers.

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Steps on Becoming an Actor – Build Your Resume

Learn about the various types of acting jobs available and decide which one is right for you.

Are you interested in being a commercial actor or do you want to get into television or film? If so, focus on building up your resume for those types of projects.

If your passion is theater, then go for stage productions rather than commercials or movies.

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Steps on Becoming an Actor – Get an Agent

Once you have a reel ready to go, it’s time for step two: getting an agent!

An agent is someone who represents actors and helps them find work in Hollywood. They work for commission on everything their clients earn but may charge management fees as well if they’re managing other aspects of their careers like finances or public relations matters.

To get started with this process, start by contacting local talent agencies in your area and asking if they accept new clients without agents (called “open submissions”).

This allows you to meet people face-to-face while they decide whether they think they can sell your talent in Hollywood or not. 

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Steps on Becoming an Actor – Develop Your Personal Brand

Building a brand for yourself is essential when it comes to becoming an actor.

You need to think about yourself as a product and take steps to make sure that your personal brand stands out from the competition.

Here are some tips on how you can develop your brand:

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Steps on Becoming an Actor – Maintain Your Career as an Actor

Maintaining your career as an actor is a matter of keeping yourself in a learning and growth mode.

The more you learn and apply that knowledge you will see drastic changes in your acting career from year to year.

Here at Dezperate Actor we pride ourselves in giving you the most up-to-date information and while we don’t directly teach actors how to act, we do teach actors how to become better in the acting game and market themselves to success. 

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We highly encourage you to take our Dezperate Actor Online Programs as they will help you serve as a guide and pathway to get your career up and running and moving in this acting industry. There are many opportunities every day for actors like you to become successful in this industry and there’s always a casting director or potential representation looking for someone just like you!

Make sure to become prepared for the opportunities that are waiting to knock on your door.

Before you go…

Knowing the steps on becoming an actor is just one piece of the major puzzle! Here at Dezperate Actor we pride ourselves on showing you the proper steps to break into the acting industry. Our next article will help you uncover even more secrets of this career.

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